and an open fielding area.

The Strike Zone includes 3 cages that retract....

The Season


Madness teams may decide to begin practicing shortly after teams are selected and continue while the weather is nice.  Fall tournaments and indoor games are also possible.  Practices and fall/winter game schedules are team dependent.


During the winter, teams practice indoors 2 times a month or more in Nov, Jan, Feb, and Mar.  Indoor practices are primarily held at the Strike Zone, which is an indoor facility owned and operated by Madness and the local boys baseball program. As soon as the weather breaks in the spring, teams will begin practicing 2-3 times a week until the season starts.

Teams that decide to do practice indoors more than 2 times a month or that attend additional tournaments will do so at an additional expense of the families.  The families may divide the cost evenly or if they can obtain sponsorships above their required amount, they may use this to pay for their expenses. 


Madness understands that its athletes may have commitments to other sports and after school activities in addition to school responsibilities.  Madness also appreciates the value of training in other sports.  Madness and its coaches expect, however, that during softball season Madness softball is each player's first priority - with the exception of players participating on their school softball teams.  Because Madness coaches plan out each practice in addition to setting the line up for each scrimmage and game, commitments to other sports and after school activities should be shared with the coach as soon as known.   Late notice should be rare and "no call no show's" should never happen.


League games begin the first week of June and go through mid-July.  There are usually two games per week and a fairly even number of home and away games.


Tournaments are played generally right before or during the regular league season.  Some teams may play in a tournament after league play concludes - such as attending a national tournament or because they just don't want the season to end.  :-)