Projected Teams for the 2018-19 Season



9U - Sarah Ketelhut

10U - Melony Edgerton

11U - Akilah Evans

11U - Ed Pleet 

12U - Shawn Lezotte

12U - Dan O'Connell

13U - Tony Badillo

14U - OPEN

16U - Jim Collins

16U - Tom Hartley

16U - Curt Rustowicz

16U - Danny Shea

18U - David Turner

7/18/18 ANNOUNCEMENT:  Madness is happy to announce that  Melony Edgerton is joining our coaching staff, taking the 10U team.  Hitting coach, Brian Barnes, will be lending his experience to the team as well.  Melony's daughter made the 9U Super Select team this year and is looking forward to building another strong Madness team!