Projected Teams for the 2019-20 Season


8U - Patty Messer

10U - Bill White

10U - Sarah Ketelhut

11U - Casey Guntzviller

12U - Clint McPherson

12U - Ed Pleet 

13U - Dan O'Connell

13U/14U - Shawn Lezotte

14U - Rebecca Neal

16U - Jim Collins

18U - Tom Hartley

18U - Danny Shea

18U - Brian Brass

18U - Curt Rustowicz

8/1/19:  ANNOUNCEMENT:  There is interest in a 15U team, but need a coach to step up.

7/19/19:  ANNOUNCEMENT:  This is the current list of projected teams for Madness this next season.  If you are interested in coaching a TBD spot, please email with your qualifications and contact information.